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Harjap Singh Bhangal Nominate For Asian Professional Awards

September 23, 2014 at 11:26 am

harjap-bhangal-1London – Harjap Singh Bhangal from London immigration has been nominated for Asian Professional Awards. He is winner of Bharat Gaurav Award from Indian International Friendship Society 2005 for recognition for services to Indian community in the field of immigration law. Bhangal has been helping Indians with Immigration for many years and has weekly TV shows And radio show giving advice. He is first UK Immigration Solicitor to have a regular monthly call in radio show on the BBC Asian Network and titled as the “Immigration Guru” and  has his own TV legal advice show on MATV. With over 3,000 collective subscribers His youtube channels (legalsolutionsuk) (desitharkaa) (letstalkwithharjap)  got over nearly 2 million collective views.

Harjap has interviewed and supported many charities such as Khalsa Aid, Midlands Langar Seva Society, Anthony Nolan, Basics of Sikhi, Khalsa Save a life campaign, Asian Womens Resource Centre and many more.  In addition Harjap tackles issues on his show which affect the Asian community such as sex grooming gangs, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental health, sports, health and fitness, empowering Asian women, Asian women in business, Asians in politics, banking, finance, property, legal issues, lack of bone marrow donors in the Asian Community, divorce, child abuse, cancer and much more.

Harjap also supports charity for abandoned girls Unique Home for Girls Jalandhar having hosted their charity event pro bono and helped raise over £35,000 in a charity auction.

To support Harjap Singh Bhangal click this link and Vote .

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