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Type of Business : Restaurants
Specialty : Punjab Food
Company Address : G.T. Road, Jalandhar - Phagwara Highway, Jalandhar
Phone Number : 911-824-501011
Location : Jalandhar
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Business Description

Haveli stands as a tribute to the glorious past & lifestyle of Punjab. The rich culture of Punjab is well depicted in the ambience & hospitality of Haveli. Haveli is not just a restaurant; it is a holistic experience of Punjab which is derived from the various food stalls, cultural stores and the impeccable décor. There are elements like a life-size truck, a dummy well, colourful bangles, parandis etc. that add up to the ethnicity of the place. Guests can shop for souvenirs at the stores selling traditional artefacts. Punjabi food is world-renown and we have taken the efforts to maintain that expectation by offering authentic flavours of Punjab. As the name suggests, Haveli offers every guest a grand meal served in a palatial way. The staff dressed in traditional Punjabi attire ensure that every guest has a pleasant experience to take back home. Haveli as a place was conceptualised by Mr.Satish Jain. During his childhood he saw the vast and rich culture of Punjab where guests at home were treated as GOD. Creating Haveli is his effort to keep the Punjabi tradition alive. He did a lot of research which has helped him to look into the finer details of everything from exquisite décor to delicious food. Haveli has frozen time to that golden era for generations to come & experience the splendour of Punjab in its true sense.